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Acupuncture Insurance FAQs

What exactly is Professional Liability (Malpractice)?
This type of coverage is designed to protect the insured against incidents that may arise while providing treatment to a patient.

Does this policy provide coverage for my office?
No, you would need to purchase a separate policy for that. Please give us a call or email us for quotes at Specialty Business Quote.

Is herbal medicine covered under this policy?
As long as it is within your scope of practice within the state in which you are licensed. It is not covered in NY and RI.

What does “Differential Diagnosis” mean on the application?
A traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

What is the difference between Occurrence vs Claims Made?
Occurrence policies do not require a retroactive date or a tail reporting form when you cancel. The policy that was in force at the time the claim occurred will respond.

Claims made you must have a retroactive date in place and an active policy or a tail reporting form (if you cancel the policy) in order for a legitimate claim to be covered. The policy or tail that is in force at the time the claim is reported will respond.

What is Entity Coverage?
It is coverage you can add to your policy for your company (whether it be a corporation, partnership, or dba; ie. ABC Acupuncture). This coverage can be purchased with separate limits or shared with your current professional limits on the policy.

What is an Additional Insured?
Businesses or people requiring to be added to your professional policy to provide them protection should they be brought into a lawsuit due to your negligence with a patient. There is no separate limit for this coverage.

Do you offer part time rates?
Yes, if you work 20 hours or less. This would be subject to company approval.

How can I get coverage for Injection Therapy on my malpractice policy?
You would need to fill out an Injection Therapy Application, including the list of substances you are injecting. You must also show documentation that certifies that you have completed training for Injection Therapy (ie. certificate of completion). Coverage is subject to underwriting approval. Click here for an application: Acupuncture Injection Therapy Application

Are Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) covered under this policy?

Are Peer Reviews covered under this policy?

Commonly Asked Question regarding Gynecology, click on link.
Gynecology FAQ

Commonly Asked Question regarding Obstetrics, click on link.
Obstetrics FAQ

Can I treat a cancer patient?

Yes, but only for the symptoms of the disease not the actual disease itself.

Is Psychotherapy covered under this malpractice policy?


When will I get my renewal application?
The company will send out your renewal application 90 days prior to your expiration date. You may also get a copy of the application again at 60 days & 30 days prior to expiration, if the company has not received your complete application or if additional information is needed by the company. As sometimes paperwork can cross in the mail, please give us a call to check on the status of your application if you have completed and sent it into the company.

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