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New York State Homeowners Insurance FAQs

I am moving and I have my personal property in storage - is it covered?

In order for the personal property to have coverage you would need to keep the home policy in-force.

I have homeowners insurance, if there is a flood does my policy cover it?

No. Because of the catastrophic loss potential of floods, the cost to insure against flooding, would significantly raise property insurance rates. Therefore, both homeowners and dwelling policies exclude losses caused by flooding. A flood policy can be purchased separately.

I received a letter from my mortgage company stating they have not received a copy of my homeowners policy. Could you please send them a copy?

Normally a copy is mailed to them. Unfortunately, a lot of times the Mortgagee has changed and we are never notified. When receiving your renewals annually please check and look over to make sure it is correct in order for us to correct this error.

Why has my home insurance limit increased from last year?

Because there is an inflation factor that the companies build into home policies to keep pace with the current inflation.

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