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Insuring with SDN Insurance Agency, LLC can offer you many advantages. You have the opportunity to be protected by a comprehensive insurance program designed especially for your needs. We are located in New York State and we have access to writing insurance in the the majority of the United States. In fact, our clients, and insurance buyers in general, have come to assume that our agency will provide the best possible coverages at the lowest possible costs.

The real test of an insurance agent comes after the policy has been delivered and coverages have been placed. We are able to evaluate your personal insurance needs and determine which company offers the services that match your priorities. Also, as your insurance consultant, we will:

  • Handle any changes you may make to your coverages.
  • Explain your coverage in concise and simple terms. Nothing is worse than paying for something you don't understand.
  • Perform reviews of your insurance program to ensure that your coverage's are up to date
  • Promptly pay your claims. Since we represent YOU to the company (and not the company to you), we are able to protect your interests.

After sixty years in our industry we would not be in business if our service and pricing weren't right. Our clients have found an added comfort in knowing that, like their accountant and attorney, we are protecting their interests as PROFESSIONALS.

SDN® also offers Specialty Products for Motorcycle, Boat, RV, Mobile Home, and more.

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